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Arizona Birth Injury Lawyers


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If your newborn received an injury during the birthing process, please contact the Law Offices of Michael Cordova to speak with one of our lawyers about your rights and possible compensation.

Arizona Medical Liability/Malpractice Statutes of Limitation

All states have set deadlines for when a patient may file a civil claim, known as statutes of limitation, for medical liability and malpractice claims. The majority of the states have special provisions regarding the time limits for minors to file medical liability and malpractice claims. Twenty-two states have special provisions regarding foreign objects.
Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. §12-542 and §12-502 Two years after cause of action. Minors under age 18: the time period before the person’s 18th birthday is not a part of the time limit imposed.

Arizona Medical Liability/Medical Malpractice Laws

Damage Award Limit or Cap

No limitations. Arizona Constitution Article 2, § 31: No law shall be enacted in this state limiting the amount of damages to be recovered for causing the death or injury of any person.

Limits on Attorney Fees

§12-568. The court shall, at the request of any party in any action under this chapter, determine the reasonableness of each party's attorneys' fees.

Periodic Payments

Election for periodic payments (§12-581 et seq.) declared unconstitutional by state Supreme Court (see Smith v. Myers, 181 Ariz. 11, 887 P.2d 541 (1994)).

Patient Compensation or Injury Fund

None provided.

Medical or Peer Review Panels

§36-441. Health care utilization committee immunity
§36-445 et seq. Review of certain health care practices
§36-2401 et seq. Health care quality assurance

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