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Membership Information

We are actively seeking new Members for our Birth Injury Lawyer Network (BILN).

Members will be granted an exclusive territory consisting of:

  • a sub-region of a State
  • an entire State, or
  • several States

Our preference is that most states with less than 10 million population will be subscribed as exclusive territories unto themselves. Larger states such as California and Texas may be split into sub-regions if desired by our members. Members may elect to cover more than one state if they are qualified to do so.

The current price of a 12-month membership is $100 per million population in your exclusive territory. For example, the subscription price of an exclusive membership in the state of Kansas is $290 based on the most recent Kansas population of 2.9 million residents.

Future subscription pricing is subject to change and will be dependent on the traffic and leads that are generated in your exclusive territory. Current members will always receive first right of refusal on their exclusive territory.

Membership Requirements

  • must be qualified to practice in the States within their exclusive territory
  • must be capable of servicing clients from any region within their exclusive territory
  • cannot be a “referral firm” that passes cases on to other firms
  • must add the BILN Proud Member Medallion to corporate website along with a link to the BILN website

Membership Benefits

  • All incoming telephone calls to BILN from the member’s exclusive territory are automatically routed to the member’s phone number followed by an email notification for documentation purposes
  • All incoming inquiry questionnaires to BILN from the member’s exclusive territory are automatically routed to the member’s email address
  • Each member receives a customized Member Page including a link to the member’s website as shown in these examples:

    Marshall P. Whalley & Associates
    Hampton & King

  • Member’s logo with link to Member Page will be shown prominently on all applicable State and City pages within their exclusive Territory as shown in these examples:

    New Mexico
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Indianapolis, Indiana

Interested in Becoming an Exclusive Member?

Please contact Don Aspromonte at 214‑734‑0278.

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